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I paint. That's what I do.

More specifically, I paint portraits of all the people you like. I paint pop culture icons. I paint stars. I paint regular people like you and me as well. I paint faces I find interesting.


I've been doing some form of art or another for many, many years. I graduated in Graphic Design in 1986 and, as often happens in life, I almost immediately put down my pencils and brushes after I got my diploma because school had killed my inspiration and drive, stifled me.

I devoted myself to music, to writing (I'm a French translator, that's my "real" job), to performing. But I started painting again in 2012.

I went right back to the style that I preferred back when I was in school: high-contrast black and white. Plain old black acrylic on canvas. I think I was afraid of colour. In fact, I always told people I did not feel confident around colour and math. This remains true about math.

Last year, I decided to try my hand at a little bit of colour. I was surprised with the result! It took me a long time to find a medium that I felt was good for me - I wanted vivid colours, great coverage, and a variety of colours to choose from. The thought of mixing my own blends was just, too, well, "math-y" for me.

I decided to go with gouache. It's easy to work with, covers like a dream.

My style also evolved over time. I was always very rigid with myself, clean lines and all, but I eventually moved against that natural tendency and became more fluid with the brush. As it turns out - it's lovely. A little bit more impressionistic, but every bit as eloquent.


My work is permanently showing at Duncan's Café in Collingwood, ON, and my work has been selected for several notable events: the Bowie Week exhibit at the Ruckus Gallery in Philadelphia (2017), the Bowie exhibit at the Neutra Museum in LA (2018) and two exhibits ("I love Rock n Roll" and "Blackstars") at the Rebel Rebel Gallery in Taos, New Mexico .  

Also, if you want something done just for you, anyone, in any colour scheme, please just inbox me and I'll be happy to help :) 

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